The YoloGO Final Report has been approved!

The Final YoloGo Report was approved by the Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) Board in April 2021 and is available for download here.

YoloGo is a regional effort to improve Yolobus transit services so they better serve our communities. The YoloGo study included extensive review of performance data, discussions with stakeholders, partners, and the public, and resulted in key strategies to improve YCTD and Yolobus services. The goal of YoloGo was to identify strategies to:

The YoloGo Final Report was approved by the YCTD Board at their April 12, 2021 meeting. Some of the key YoloGo recommendations were as follows:

» Increase frequency on Route 42A/B to 30-minutes during peak periods and incorporate route streamlining
» Permanently reallocate (i.e., discontinue) Express Service trips reduced during COVID-19 (one exception: reinstate Davis reverse express route 43)
» Modify Woodland local fixed-routes and introduce microtransit options in Woodland
» Combine local West Sacramento routes 35 and 39
» Continue microtransit for Winters & El Rio Villa Housing, supplemented by route 220 commute hour service to/from UCD
» Establish “trigger” metrics and goals for consideration of re-introducing, or further reducing, express trips based on demand and performance

While the YCTD Board approved the YoloGo recommendations in April 2021, service changes will be rolled out over the subsequent 3-12 months. Permanent modifications to YCTD and Yolobus services, including specific routing and schedule changes, will be implemented only after adhering to public noticing, hearings, and comment periods.

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