Help plan for the future of transit in the region.

YoloGO is a regional effort to improve Yolobus transit services so they better serve our communities.

To do this, we need to hear from you! Take a few minutes to learn about Yolobus’ services and some of the key choices we have to make. Then, provide your input by answering ten questions. Scroll down to get started!



    When planning a bus system, a transit agency can choose how to balance frequency and coverage.


    In a bus system with high frequency, the number of places transit goes is limited. By concentrating routes along main roads, buses can come every 15 or 30 minutes. Riders may have to walk farther to reach their bus stop.


    In a bus system with high coverage, transit goes to more places. This means riders will have shorter walks to their bus stops. It also means buses will only come every hour.


    Where would you like these routes to go? Let us know by placing a pin on the map below.
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